Flow Forum is on hiatus
Sep 10, 2018 LINK

As of 2019 Flow Forum is on hiatus and we are not currently planning meetings or accepting new members.

Please contact Bowen Dwelle with any questions.

West Marin hiking
May 14, 2018 LINK

In May 2018, we met locally in for a daylong hike on the northwest slopes of Mt Tamalpais, crossing back and forth between sun and blowing fog — a typically incomparable spring day in Marin county and another ideal Flow Forum venue!

Hope Valley Snowshoeing
Feb 2, 2018 LINK

In February 2018, we returned to the beautiful Hope Valley between South Lake Tahoe and Carson Pass another epic snowshoe adventure on Mt Tallac and another awesome Flow Forum!

South End Swim
Nov 4, 2017 LINK

In November 2017 we met at the historic South End Rowing Club and had a beautiful (and fairly cold) swim out to the opening of Aquatic Park. As you can see from the photo, however, we did wear wetsuits, and were therefore relegated to the “Designated Sniveling Area”, since most South Enders typically swim without rubber.

Swimming at the South End

Sf History
Aug 29, 2017 LINK

In August 2017 we met at the San Francisco Ferry Building and spent the day exploring the history and neighborhoods of this great city, led by local artist and storyteller John Graham, curator of the quite unique and perhaps-fictional locale of El Fornio, CA.

The Pelican Talks to Jack, by John Graham

The Pelican Talks to Jack, by John Graham

Sausalito Paddling
Jun 13, 2017 LINK

In June 2017 we met in Sausalito and spent the entire morning on the water, stand up paddling in Richardson Bay. We had perfect weather and paddled out to Yellow Bluff and then over to Belevedere before returning for lunch and a full afternoon of forum presentations. Another top-notch and very unique Flow Forum experience!

Sausalito Paddling

Sausalito Paddling

Sausalito Paddling

Sausalito Paddling

Joshua Tree Climbing
Apr 7, 2017 LINK

In March 2017 we went down to Joshua Tree and did a day of climbing in this incredibly beautiful and unique world-class rock climbing area, and enjoyed the cool vibe at the Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. Rock climbing runs deep in my blood and is another truly awesome way to connect our bodies with the natural world and to get into Flow.

Flow Forum at Joshua Tree

Flow Forum at Joshua Tree

Long Marin Hike
Sep 30, 2016 LINK

In September 2016 we did a long hike in Marin county, going from Sausalito to Muir Beach for lunch, and then onwards to Bootjack campground on Mt Tamalpais at the end of the day – a total of about 17 miles for the day. We camped there and then walked back to downtown Mill Valley the next morning. Walking is a fantastic way to connect with the landscape, and a long walk is an easy way to get in flow.

Flow Forum at the Pelican Inn

Open Water Swimming
Jul 8, 2016 LINK

In July 2016 we did an open water swim in San Francisco Bay from Aquatic Park to the St Francis Yacht Club. Awesome swim and great training for the Golden Gate in September!

Swimming route

Swimmers in the water

Swimmers in the water

Flow Forum finishing our swim at the St. Francis Yacht Club

Rafting the Tuolumne
Apr 22, 2016 LINK

In April 2016, we did an overnight rafting trip on the Tuolumne River. The river was much higher than it had been in recent years, and we had a great trip.

Tuolumne river

Tuolumne river

Flow Forum on the Tuolumne river

Snowshoeing Red Lake Peak
Feb 6, 2016 LINK

In January 2016 we rented a house in the mountains above south Lake Tahoe and snowshoed up Red Lake Peak (10,068′). Awesome trip!

Red Lake peak map

Bowen snowshoeing

Kit snowshoeing

Flow Forum on the summit of Red Lake peak

Spearfishing in Monterey
Oct 9, 2015 LINK

In October 2015 we went down to the Monterey Peninsula for a weekend of spearfishing and hiking in the Carmel Valley. Beautiful weather and another great Flow Forum!

Mountain Biking in Downieville
Jun 26, 2015 LINK

The fourth meeting of Flow Forum was held in June 2015. We met in Downieville and biked the world-famous Downieville Downhill, and then spent the weekend at a beautiful house just outside Nevada City, CA. Downhill mountain biking is an idea flow activity, and the California foothills are stunning this time of year, with plenty of swimming holes to cool off from the summer heat.

Flow Forum mountain biking

Abalone Diving
Apr 10, 2015 LINK

The third meeting of Flow Forum was held in April 2015 at the Sea Ranch on the beautiful northern California coast. We rented a house near a quiet cove and dove for abalone on a perfect sunny spring day, and then held our forum meeting there over the course of the evening and the following morning. Perfect Flow Forum!

Two ab divers

Flow Forum at Sea Ranch

Yosemite Hiking
Jan 23, 2015 LINK

the Glacier Point Hut, but since there is so little snow in the Sierras this year, we hiked up from the valley floor. We held our forum meeting there over the course of the evening and the following morning, and then returned to the valley by way of Nevada and Vernal Falls.

Flow Forum in Yosemite

Inaugural Flow Forum meeting
Sep 26, 2014 LINK

We held our first Flow Forum meeting in the Santa Cruz mountains in September 2014. The first day consisted of a long fast hike beginning with an hour of silent walking. After our hike we drove out to the coast and had dinner at the lodge at Costanoa, and then went stand-up paddling the following morning in Santa Cruz harbor. A fantastic start to Flow Forum!

Santa Cruz mountains hiking map

Forum West under the Golden Gate
Jun 10, 2013 LINK

In the summer of 2013 I led my previous EO forum (Forum West) on a very special flow activity: we held our forum meeting under the Golden Gate bridge. The impact of this day led me to start Flow Forum, and this event remains as one of the touchstones of the Flow Forum experience,

Forum West under the Golden Gate

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