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亚愽体育电竞:扎哈维为新东家传射 富力回应:那就是手续全了
名称:亚愽体育电竞:扎哈维为新东家传射 富力回应:那就是手续全了

In the Europa League play-offs in the early morning of October 2nd, former R&F Israeli foreign aid Zahavi made a pass and a shot to help new club Eindhoven defeat the Norwegian Super League team Rosenborg 2-0 in an away game and advance to the Europa League. Cup race. However, just a few days ago, Guangzhou "New Express" also reported that Zahavi joined Eindhoven as an unauthorized departure, and Guangzhou R&F Club did not issue a transfer certificate.


   In fact, Zahavi announced to join Eindhoven on September 21, but he has been unable to complete his debut in Eindhoven. Last weekend, Eindhoven was tied by Hercules in the league. Zahavi did not appear in this game. The reason was that Guangzhou R&F did not issue a transfer certificate, which resulted in Zahavi’s inability to complete in the Eredivisie. Register, do not have the qualifications to play.

实际上,扎哈维(Zahavi)于9月21日宣布加入埃因霍温(Eindhoven),但他无法完成自己在埃因霍温(Eindhoven)的处子秀。上周末,埃因霍温在联赛中与大力神并列。 Zahavi没有出现在这场比赛中。原因是广州富力没有签发转让证书,这导致Zahavi无法在Eredivisie中完成比赛。注册,没有资格参加比赛。

   So in the Europa League this morning, when Zahavi suddenly started for PSV Eindhoven and passed the shot to make a contribution, Chinese fans were surprised. Has Zahavi’s transfer dispute been resolved, or has he played illegally? If the latter is the case, then Eindhoven will undoubtedly face the possibility of being investigated and punished by UEFA due to illegal employment, and may even be sentenced to lose in the match against Rosenborg and lose the participation in the Europa League. qualifications.

因此,在今天早上的欧罗巴联赛中,扎哈维突然加入埃因霍温(PSV Eindhoven)并通过射门做出贡献时,中国球迷感到惊讶。 Zahavi的转会纠纷是否已解决,或者他是否非法参赛?如果是后者,那么埃因霍温无疑将面临因非法雇佣而受到欧足联调查和处罚的可能性,甚至可能被判与罗森堡的比赛输掉比赛并失去参加欧洲联赛的机会。资格。



   In fact, this can also be seen in the official announcement of Eindhoven a few days ago. Zahawi personally announced that he had joined PSV on September 21, while PSV officially announced the news on September 29. At that time, Guangzhou R&F did not make much of it. Said that, as a veteran European powerhouse, Eindhoven will not commit a low-level mistake of announcing a contract without a transfer certificate.


  ▲Zahavi was wearing an Eindhoven jersey to take an official promotional photo (photo according to the Eindhoven Club)


Zahavi left Guangzhou R&F at the end of August. At that time, he insisted on returning to China to participate in the UEFA Europa League matches during the Super League. According to FIFA's relevant rules, due to the isolation policy of various countries during the epidemic, the Chinese Super League foreign aid can not participate in the country. Team matches. But in the end, Guangzhou R&F still released Zahavi, one of the big reasons is that although Zahavi’s contract expired at the end of this year, it is difficult for Guangzhou R&F to be in the FA due to the salary limit issued by the Chinese Football Association. Within the framework of the policy, conditions for renewal were set to satisfy Zahavi, and it is almost inevitable that Zahavi will leave R&F within this year. Regardless of the overall situation of the club, Zahawi’s insistence on returning home to participate in the UEFA Europa League also disappointed the club. Coach Van Bronckhorst said that he had revoked Zahawi’s qualification for the Super League without public termination of the contract. .

Zahavi于8月底离开了广州富力。当时,他坚持在中超联赛期间返回中国参加欧洲联赛。根据国际足联的有关规定,由于各国在疫情期间的孤立政策,中国超级联赛的外援不能参加该国。团体赛。但是最后,广州富力仍然释放了扎哈维,其中一个重要原因是,尽管亚愽体育电竞扎哈维的合同在今年年底到期,但由于中国足球的薪金限制,广州富力很难进入足总协会。在该政策的框架内,为续约创造了条件,以使扎哈维人满意,扎哈维人将不可避免地在今年内离开富力。无论俱乐部的总体情况如何,扎哈维坚持回国参加欧洲联盟欧洲联赛的坚持也使俱乐部感亚愽体育电竞到失望。 Van Bronckhorst教练说,他已取消Zahawi的超级联赛资格,但未公开终止合同。 。

On September 27, the Dutch media wrote an article to disclose the reason why Zahavi suddenly joined Eindhoven. It was reported that Ben Sahar, an Israeli player who played for the Eredivisie William II team, learned of the Eindhoven club through personal channels. I am interested in Zahavi, so I sent a message to Zahavi to inform him of the matter as soon as possible. It is precisely because of Ben Sahar’s introduction that Zahavi decided to accept PSV’s offer. PSV did not contact Guangzhou R&F, but made a private offer to the players. This is undeniable. Therefore, from a common sense, Guangzhou R&F does not assist Zahavi and PSV to complete the transfer procedures. , There is no problem.

9月27日,荷兰媒体撰写了一篇文章,披露了扎哈维突然加入埃因霍温的原因。据报道,为埃雷迪维西威廉二世队效力的以色列球员本·萨哈尔通过个人渠道了解了埃因霍温俱乐部。我对Zahavi感兴趣,因此我向Zahavi发送了一条消息,希望尽快将此事通知他。正是由于Ben Sahar的介绍,Zahavi决定接受PSV的报价。 PSV没有与广州富力联系,而是向球员提供了私人报价。这是不可否认的。因此,从常识上讲,广州富力并不协助Zahavi和PSV完成转让程序。 , 没有问题。

   Then, why did Guangzhou R&F fulfill Zahavi in ​​the end? The Israeli media "SPORTS WALLA" recently reported that after Eindhoven learned that Guangzhou R&F did not submit a transfer certificate to FIFA, it immediately started the appeal work and won the support of FIFA. "SPORTS WALLA" "In general, FIFA tends to protect the interests of the players under such circumstances." An official from the Guangzhou R&F Club told the Red Star News reporter: "In fact, it's better to get together and stay away!"

那么,为什么广州富力最终实现Zahavi?以色列媒体“ SPORTS WALLA”最近报道,埃因霍温得知广州富力没有向国际足联提交转让证书后,立即开始了上诉工作并赢得了国际足联的支持。 “ SPORTS WALLA”“一般来说,FIFA倾向于在这种情况下保护运动员的利益。”广州富力俱乐部的一位官员告诉《红星报》记者:“实际上,聚在一起亚愽体育电竞远离世外桃源更好!”

   Zahavi previously played 117 times for Guangzhou R&F, scoring 103 goals and twice won the Super League Golden Boot. This time Zahavi left the team without authorization and reached an agreement with PSV Eindhoven in private, which is indeed a lack of contractual spirit. However, Guangzhou R&F took into account Zahavi's outstanding contributions over the years, and finally let him go. What's more, in the second stage of the Chinese Super League, Guangzhou R&F will participate in the relegation competition. They need to devote all their energy to the relegation battle. If in this process you still get into a tug of war with Zahavi in ​​contract disputes, it is completely unnecessary for R&F. After all, the twisted melon is not sweet, so it is better to step back and broaden the sky.


  红星新闻记者 姜山 编辑 蒋庆

  红星新闻记者 姜山 编辑 蒋庆

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