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【亚愽体育电竞】德甲 第三轮 莱茵德比 科隆vs门兴格拉德巴赫 ...
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Bundesliga third round Rhine Derby Cologne vs Monchengladbach


Foresight 10.03 21:30 The Goat Cologne will usher in a derby match with the rival Pony Borussia Munchen at the Rhein Energy Stadium. To

预见性 10.03 21:30 科隆山羊队将在莱茵能源体育场与对手小马德国慕尼黑队进行一场德比战。至

In the derby of the four Rhine teams in Düsseldorf, Cologne, Munchen and Leverkusen, the goats against the foals can be said to be the most intense. Both teams have a glorious history, but they have a bleak reality.


In the 1970s, in the early days of the Bundesliga, these two teams were forces that cannot be ignored in German football. There is no room for two tigers, and the two neighbors naturally dislike each other, and they are struggling to defeat each other on the court. The two teams have a common legendary coach, he is the German legend, Weisweiler.

在1970年代,德甲初期,这两支球队是德国足球中不容忽视的力量。两只老虎没有空间了,两个邻居自然不喜欢对方,他们在球场上努力打败对方。 这两支球队拥有共同的传奇教练,他是德国传奇魏斯韦勒。

Weisweiler was the coach of Cologne. He chose to leave the team because of a discord with the top. After tossing around, he arrived in 1964 at Monchen, who was still in the second division. As the first year champion of the Bundesliga in the big city, Cologne didn't pay much attention to Porthin at first, but Weissweiler wanted to prove himself in this small city team. In 1965, he led the foal to upgrade, and has been on par with Cologne ever since.

Weisweiler是科隆的教练。由于与高层的不和,他选择离开球队。辗转反侧后,他于1964年到达仍在第二师的Monchen。作为大城市德甲联赛的第一年冠军,科隆起初并不十分重视Porthin,但是魏斯韦勒希望在这个小城市队中证明自己。 1965年,他带领小马驹升级,从那以后一直与科隆并驾齐驱。

In the 1970s, Weissweiler led the tactical trend of the times. In the case of a stable camp, he fought a fast counterattack. Both the offensive and defensive colts looked full of vitality, and they beat Cologne's Rhein derby even more. With the rise of Borussia, Cologne became increasingly hostile to them, calling them a "remote team" and the players as "farmers". But in the 1973 German Cup final, Borussia Borussia defeated Cologne in extra time, and the Derby has since changed. However, in the 1977/78 season, Cologne defeated Borussia to win the league title, saving some face.


In the golden age of Borussia and Cologne, the two teams were important representatives of the Bundesliga in Europe. In 1975, the UEFA Cup even fought in the semi-finals. In the end, Borussia had the last laugh and won the first European trophy in team history. . Subsequently, the meritorious coach Weissweiler left the team, and the Colts completely laid their advantage over the goats. In the 45 Bundesliga seasons that have coexisted so far, Borussia Borussia has led the way with a derby record of 50 wins, 16 draws and 24 losses. To

在Borussia和科隆的黄金时代,这两个团队是欧洲德甲的重要代表。 1975年,欧洲联盟杯甚至打入了半决赛。最后,白俄罗斯队笑到了最后,赢得了队史上的第一座欧洲冠军奖杯。 。随后,有功的教练魏斯韦勒(Weissweiler)离开了球队,而小马队则完全超越了山羊队。在迄今为止共存的45个德甲联赛中,德国队以50胜16平24负的德比战战绩遥遥领先。 至

The team's recent situation




In the three games since the start of the new season, only in the first round of the German Cup, they won 0-6 away from the lower league team Altgrennik. In the first two rounds of the Bundesliga, they lost 2-3 at home to Hoffenheim. Hm, lost 1-0 away to newly promoted Bielefeld.




In the new season, only one victory was won in the German Cup, and I have not tasted the taste of victory in the Bundesliga. They lost 3-0 away to their natural enemy Dortmund and tied the Berlin United 1-1 at home.


Injury situation (from Understand the ball)




Mordster, Clemens, keinz, Schmitz, Jorge Murray, Jacobs




Lazaro, nboro (likely to return), bainesh, zacharia, villarwa, bolsen


In addition, Spring and Autumn, I wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and a happy National Day holiday! I'm also saying sorry here, because my physical condition has caused my mind to be not sober. Just like that, the wording may not be clear, and the sentence is not smooth. I hope everyone can forgive me.

另外,我祝大家春秋季节快乐,国庆节快乐! 我在这里也要对不起,因为我的身体状况导致我的头脑不清醒。那样,措词可能不清晰,句子也不流畅。希望大家能原谅我。

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